Quality-Management Group, has been established with a vision to serve the clients, in guiding and implementation of Business Management Systems on Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Standards and other Business Operations Management Standards, Systems and Services.


Our typical business philosophy is to provide a high quality services to our clients through the implementation of operational excellence.


Our consultants are experts in their field, most of them are registered Lead Auditors by the IRCA-International Register of Certificated Auditors-England and EOQ Lead Auditors of the European Organization for Quality in Brussels and leading auditors to assess the management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, TL 9000 and other standards, with undoubtedly experience across our country and neighboring countries in many different organizations and industries.


Our twenty years experience and methodology, allow us to provide a meaningful and successful support to all clients in private and public companies, corporations, associations, non-profit organizations etc, with intention to help them to meet their core objectives in the highly competitive, complex and ever-changing marketplace.


Quality-Management Group, has long-term cooperation with many international certification bodies, members of the international certification networks.